Jack Dempsey Osborne ixil low pipe Cheap enough light sounds pretty obnoxious...


Jack Dempsey Osborne ixil low pipe. Cheap enough, light, sounds pretty obnoxious with the baffle out. Sure Benjamin Chantariang will be pleased sell you that.

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  • Just go window shopping here, there's a massive range.

    http://japan.webike.co.uk/ps/msx+exhaust/#!search&p.rows=100&p.sk=3&p.inputPl=62 .0&p.ref=product-search&p.ph=150000&p.inputPh=819. 0&p.k=msx%20exhaust&p.c=1001&p.pl=11355

  • build quality +1

    I bought the Moriwaki for the same reason, it'll be too quiet for you.

  • Aaron I've been looking at the Moriwaki as I don't want anything loud. Does it sound good?

  • I've not got it yet, it's a long journey from Japan!

  • I'll wait for you to review it then

  • 11h by plane..., will be back to Tokyo next month, Wirus Win Co is located in Hyogo Pref, according to my own experience with models for TW they're generally loud (stainless steel made) ;) just like ppl from Kansai I would say :) Moriwaki exhaust seems to be pretty cool, ¥44,000 is a pretty correct price for this kind of product http://www.moriwaki.co.jp/product/ex.php?maker=HON DA&model=GROM I will try to go visit them next time I go to Suzuka (pretty far from Tokyo though)

  • In fact the package as only a few days underway from Japan to Madrid, where it's been sat in customs for bloody ages now, and no progress or anything else from the Spanish post. https://trackings.post.japanpost.jp/services/srv/s earch/?requestNo1=EM074062943JP&search.x=0&locale= en

  • pretty surprising, I sent MSX parts to a Honda retailer located in Andora and no problem (Tokyo to Spain), Bad experiences with South America though, Brazil and Argentina. It generally takes 3/5 days using JP (EMS) you should contact Moriwaki Co, I hope they put all documents with the parcel, Did they sent the parcel using EMS or SAL? Here is the link to the contact page http://www.moriwaki.co.jp/inq.html

  • The order was with webike, I guess they know their stuff with mail order by now.

    It's stuck at customs but Spanish customs is pretty lame. I've had stuff sit there 3 weeks before now.

    Are you based in Japan or what's the connection?