• Jack Dempsey shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Haven't seen this Arrow exhaust before, really like it!

    • Ayr the akrapovic carbon system is about 20 grams in weight all together

    • The whole system weights 20 grams....?

    • It's so light you expect it to ve heavier than it is lol

    • Jake Simpson it's beautiful cost me 600 pound for the full system which is carbon cam and titanium downpipe

    • 20 grams you having a joke

    • Joshy Poshy Higson It for about £450 full system shop by me dose them ☺

    • Jake Simpson it's £366 for the end can so don't go paying £450

    • I need the under pip as well

    • That's £205 I think so £571 total

    • You can get them £450 full system

    • Yeah that's why I said £450

    • That's fucking cheap you should snap there ha d's off at that

    • Mine was from honda dealer had it put on and had it part of finance package