• Jack Dempsey shared his event to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    33 days left! It's came around so quickly and I am very excited!! Remember to click 'going' if you're attending. See you there

    • I'm booking the weekend off I will be coming 100% haha

    • U better b lol

    • Will have belly pan back on by then

      N maybe couple other bits n bobs lol

    • Oh trust me I am... now Kenny Kye and Matt need to come up

    • I've just booked the week off work so hopefully they approve it if not I guess I'll have to be sick on the day.

      Got my grom going in the shop next week more parts getting fitted

    • Yeah deffo

      Try n get big group

      Theres like 9 or so rnd r way if nt more lol

      B kl 2 get them all 2 come lol

    • Yeah definitely,

    • Can't wait! Has a route been planned for a ride out? Be funny to have 100 groms on that bmx track... lol

    • Thats a couple hours away from ace if i remember right lol

    • That's a problem? Lol

    • Nt 4 me but i imagin there would b a few that wouldnt lol

    • Charlie, Jamie, Ben, are you guys going as we can all ride up.

    • Yeah was thinking about it as the p&h meet was awesome this is going to be insane

    • Sweet dude I think Charlie will be game. I will have my cameras ready.

    • Yeah same here haha

    • This time we shall get your wheelies in lol

    • Yeah hahaha was looking on my camera and it makes them look tiny haha defently need a different point of view

    • We can use CGI. I wanna get footage of me riding under Jack

    • Yeah I'm going, can probably meet Owain Powell and Leon Nutz Allen (depending on work) and ride up as a group... Meet at pease pottage or something

    • Yeah cool sounds like a good plan should be a fun ride.