Jack Dempsey shared his video to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


Roll on summer!

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  • When will this take place next year?

  • Would still bring donkey lol it's Honda at least lol and has 12" wheels

  • All that fun and what did I do move fucking house

  • Guys wt date will be next event?

  • Anyone from Manchester willing to come along??

  • Yeah roll on July

  • This was literally one of the best days, hopefully it doesn't rain on the next one lol

  • I'll be coming from near Coventry lol a good 100+ miles away but might make trip if it and get the missus a cbt and a grom to join in

  • You can see me on my cub :) Was a right Laugh really good day. What date is it next year ?

  • No dates confirmed yet Scott