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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4008 67865915

    People who use these mirrors, how do you see anything? They're useless for me. Can't find a position to see see jack in in them, especially the left one. Shame cause I really enjoy their fold ability.

    • I'm a small guy so they work for me just move my arm a little bit to see behind me but I can always see what next to me and have you tried the mirror extender things

    • Convex bar ends are the best of looks and function

    • I can see everything. You must have not positioned them correctly

    • Ok, I'm a smart arse.

      It's called the blind spot, and it's why God gave us a flexible neck

    • Teach me your ways, because I really really want to use them

    • I feel like bar ends would get in the way of filtering

    • They do. I can't and don't really do it much anyway (texas). If I ever need the clearance I just flip them in.

    • I'll take a picture of mine tomorrow. But they stick out from the bars a bit and bend in if that makes sense?

    • Work great for me see way more than the stock circle things

    • Please do, I've gone back to these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1818 52299002 for now, look great and give a great view, but not as easily foldable and they get loose and need tightening far too often. Omega annoying.

    • I've got these, only been out a couple of times but they've worked brilliantly each time for me. Sure they shake a bit at low speeds but let's face it if you're going slow you're either filtering, stuck in traffic and can't filter, or stuck in traffic about to filter lol either way you don't need them at that point.

    • Thats weird I have the opposite, shaking at high speeds but working really well at low speeds lol

    • I've not been much past 50mph and so far haven't had any issues with shaking after about 10mph. Anything slower than 10mph and they shake like an S.O.B. Lol

    • sorry Jaiveer. Forgot about this yesterday. Will try and get a pic today

    • Thanks for the pictures, it looks like you got spacers for them to make them higher, maybe I need to get some

    • I got them to try and stop the vibrations. They are still absolutely fine in terms of the view without them

    • Karl JB Hm, I'll try to emulate it on the weekend then.

    • I've short stem mirrors turned inward. I see behind by looking underarm like I did with the Old Ducati 749s I had. It's called 'doing the funky chicken!'

    • Hadn't thought of that one lol

    • Turning them inward also makes the bike easier to cover & drive thru my gate

    • Yeah I fold mine in for the same reasons when I'm not using it