Jake Derg shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

Just found some Ohlins Rear in UK for £370.00. Looks correct but different HO numbers (424 and 324 instead of 611). Looks like the 611 may be the SF and the others are for the original. I thought they would be the same?

Anyone had experience of them?

  • Look out for the fakes going around.

  • Kais won't be fake. They are an authorised dealer and service centre

  • Cool ! Not familiar with that site. I live in the states

  • I got the 424 and 611 shocks arriving end of next week

  • 324

  • 424

  • 611

  • Cheers

  • So that's what I've got

  • Ben Harman...whats the price on these two?

  • Just got the 611 from Ben Harman top shock and service ;)