James Brown shared a link to the group: Honda Shadow Aero.


Installed chrome trim on fenders, gas tank, trunk, and radiator

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  • I just did my tank today with the same stuff. I did a double bead on the bottom tank trim. Looks awesome.

  • Yeah I'm glad I did it. Cheap and made a big change in the look

  • Holy cow! Awesome!

  • Awesome!!!

  • This stuff is only $15 at auto part store and I think it was 18' long. They have 1/4" and 1/2" here. Awesome look for the price

  • yeah i went to advanced auto parts and auto zone to get it.

  • I need to get some of that! Thanks for such a great idea

  • I also did my fenders but removed it only because I could still see the adhesive grey layer when I looked down at the trim. I'm just OCD about things like that though.

  • The ends are coming up but it under my seat so I don't think they will cone loose. Looks good though. Double bead on tank bottom