Japanese Face Masks


Protect yourself from pollution, cold air, and security cameras.

Black surgical face masks worn by Japanese Bosozoku gangs.

Purchase at http://insincerely.co/index.php/product/bosozoku-f ace-mask/ FREE SHIPPING.

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  • Clifton Carney, Jordan Lance Mendez, Cobie Szigety....there's fuckery afoot.

  • Or fucking smart. That's what retail is. First off, my package will ship in 1 day and be at your house in 4. When I buy in bulk and it literally takes months to reach my house. Nobody wants to wait 2 months for a fucking face mask. Second, the price has to cover the costs of packaging and shipping in addition to the small cost of the mask. I also throw in extras.

    These are my "loss leaders." That means I don't really make any real profit off of them. I'm instead using them to build my customer base. It's much more effective to get repeat purchases than find new customers. So I use this low priced item to snag people who might be interested in my brand so I can send them other promotional materials at a later date.

    If you're so caught up on the margins, you're welcome to purchase some of my more reasonably marked up stickers or t shirts. :'D

    And I've been wearing the same mask for months now. They last quite a while.

    In other news, I seriously doubt you could sell nearly as many of these as I have. So that makes me a clown?

    Hope you enjoyed that little lesson in retail. I do consulting too if you're interested.

  • Lol go look at my page I sell "products" a hell of allot more expensive then your shitty little face masks and have repeat customers for years on end. And have been selling my "products" for almost as long as you've been alive...Also shipping from China takes two weeks. You're relying on people's stupidity to market a product you yourself don't even make with a 1000% markup.

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  • I was looking at your stuff. Pretty neat really. Metal fab is awesome.

    If you're not interested that's completely fine by me. My market is primarily drift hotboys. They like anything to do with Japan and the drifting scene there. Figured I'd share here because I've seen more than one scooter guy wearing surgical masks around where I live.

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  • We all wear the masks here! So fuck Garza!

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  • Clifton Carney well that's good buy them in bulk and save your money for the mods your bike is lacking

  • I needed these a few weeks ago when people had the flu. U a few weeks late

  • Garza is a hater. I will be glad when trump deports him.

  • It would've taken you five minutes on a trip to the hospital to get one for free.......

  • Garza do you even scoot?

  • Well you can be prepared for next time right? :D I've heard the black ones are more effective :'D

  • Yeah we got like 10 of them for free. But they wasnt black.. lol

  • They probably dont work

  • We use black ones in the tattoo shops and we buy them by the 1000's

  • The black ones are just better period. Stronger. Smarter, faster. More pleasing.

  • Lmfao. 1 out of every 1000 maybe

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  • Why the fucks is this even in a scooter page

  • Medical masks arent boso medical masks are worn by a considerable number of the japanese population because theyre health conscious and have alot of dangerous airborne viruses.

  • Im up

  • They wear them to hide their identities for obvious reasons. Gang violence, robbery, and bike mayhem isn't something you want to be identified with.

  • I know what boso is. The masks arent a boso trend

  • Hahaha I'm legal I have a SSN you'll go before me. He don't like blacks either

  • The first pic they are wearing balacavas

  • Put LED's in a hat and your face will glow on a sec. cam. No way to repair it for facial rec.

  • This is the dumbest shit one could buy. This tops both the "electric turbo" and the "boost bottle"

  • I'm gonna start selling condoms I get from the free health clinic. one condom for 4.00 for all the guys who get laid because of their sweet scooters.