• Jardines on. Sound AWSOME. some tweeking to get backfire fixed

    Jardines on. Sound AWSOME.'some tweeking to get backfire fixed.

    • The way your brake and gear is moved forward, is that a Kit or ?

    • That's stock not moved

    • 250cc ?

    • Helge Mærsk Bjerg yep

    • Okay. Mines a 450cc and the controls are further back... :/

      And I'm a tall bloke, so looking to move them forward...

    • I want to as well I could use a few more inches. Blue Collar Bobbers has a conversion set

    • But only for the 250...

    • Helge Mærsk Bjerg yeah I just pulled up their site and the controls not on there now. I think if I heard right Shadow forwards can convert to

      Both 250 and 450 pretty easy

    • Cool. Thanks...

      If you happen to find a link at some point, you are welcome to sent it to me :)

    • will do