Jay Murray shared Sharon Adele Jones's video to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


Me and Charlie Reeves studding about. This is a small preview to my start of Vlogging for YouTube soon. Keep eyes peeled.

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  • It's a start of amateur footage lol

  • Jack any joy with your bike mate?

  • We can't see the video mate

  • Nope, stripped the lump out earlier going to split the engine soon

  • Sorry to hear your loss. Hopefully you can see the video now.

  • Charlie, still no wheelies? ;)

  • Too wet for wheelies down Brighton

  • Never too wet for wheelies

  • What I was gonna say :')

  • I see how Charlie destroyed that clutch with burnouts like those :') and there's never and excuse to not wheelie :p

  • Popped it up a few times.. Then either stretches my cable or my levers are flimsy as fuck :( getting looked at today