• Joe Lampman added a photo to October 29, 2013 in Honda 350x.

    PRM ATV New aftermarket Nerf Bars!

    • Would like to see a set made for the 85,86 250R in the near future if possible.!?! But Realy nice work.! I gusse ill have to Buy a 350x just to get a set.! LOL

    • You can read up on these if you like PRM Product's facebook page. They just posted these pics

    • They make a set for the R Matthew Honey

    • Will the skid plate still fit on there if you were to install a set of nerfs?

    • Stock one might. I have a Prm aftermarket on mine. It might not fit with those on it

    • I sent a message to PRM and asked about the skid plate. Stock or aftermarket if they would still fit. I'll keep you posted when I hear back from them Zachary Gottman

    • Okay sounds good man. Thanks a lot!

    • Ok guys. I called PRM today. If any of you were wondering, the nerf bars will fit the stock motor skidplate (not shown in pics). However, the aftermarket PRM aluminum one like I have on my 350x will have to have 3/4 of inch shaved off the top to fit. All nerf bars will come with instructions on how to shave the plate if you have one like I do. Orders will ship out same day if you order.

    • What's price on skid plate?

    • I think it was 79.00 for the PRM skid plate