Joel Regan shared KCP Design & Fabrication's video to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

  • Why not do it with the headlight on too...

  • Headlight is on

  • The running lights are bright then! Thought that was the headlight. I've asked him to do a stand still video. They're up for €114.95, what do we think of the price?

  • I want to see an actual helpful video. With headlights on and in daylight

  • Looks nice but unsure about the brightness...price seems high though for me.

  • got to say I think the price is pretty good for nice CNC work is its 114.95 euro

  • Yep 114.95 euro.

  • 114.95 shipped?

  • It's an extra 10-15 euros for shipping