John Douglas Earl shared a link to the group: Honda CB/CL 450 Owners ( 1965 - 1975).

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  • How's that with the crap ethanol our brilliant politicians forced on us to save the planet?

  • I have a VP race fuel gas station near me... it's awesome.

  • Would not be a problem over here.

  • You guys don't have ethanol in everything?

  • John Douglas Earl - no

  • We have 91. 95 and 98 octane unleaded - and a few places sell E10.

  • Have not seen it around - but there are also places selling 101 octane unleaded.

  • I would totally deal with all the poisonous stuff that lives there for 101 octane.

  • 101RON not MON.... it isnt anything special...

  • Adrian Lovelace - thanks, I won't ever bother using it then.