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    To expose my ignorance....

    I purchased the LED mirrors Aaron showed off recently. I'm now muddling through how to actually connect them in.... somehow...

    I have stock turn signals front and back, if I replace the relay under the headlight for an LED suitable relay, I'm assuming the original lights/running lights/etc... will still work?

    Or am I better off with some sort of inline resistor such as http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED- MOTORCYCLE-QUAD-ATV-INDICATOR- FLASHER-RESISTOR-RELAY-10w-2-P ACK-PAIR-/231022265091 between the turn signal cabling and the mirrors?


    • If you have original indicators and relay, and just adding the mirrors as an auxiliary light, you won't need resistors or a new relay. Just plug it in and you're golden.

    • Oh sweet, makes it less of a work up, sure I can work it out from here... only 2 wires :p

    • http://pages.ebay.com/link/?na v=item.view&alt=web&id=1707115 12131&globalID=EBAY-GB

      That set is a neat way to do it. If you solder the mirror leads into the original indicators you will have a tough time removing or replacing either!

    • Yeah saw that picture, that is my plan.

      Assuming it is original indicator wire cut, supply in at the top, then one branch from bottom continues to original indicator, and the other runs to indicator, so this is effectively a splitter.

      Can you tell electrickery is not my strong point.

    • I think I understood what you said and I think it's right.

      Cut the wires, crimp double female plugs on orange or blue and green, crimp single female plugs on orange or blue with stripe.

      Then just connect the dots.

      This also allows you to put different indicators on when you're ready.

      It's just the way I like to do it, other ways can work just as well. I just don't like cutting into looms, but don't mind cutting into components.