John Kinchella still takes his bike to this shit hole that completely fucked up...


John Kinchella still takes his bike to this shit hole that completely fucked up installing his 143 kit

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  • Got more miles than your bike will ever have

  • Mines got more then 1000 lol

    My bike only goes to the best

    Ben Harman

    Josh Bissonnette

    Karl Waldron

    Ben Jewell

  • That's the only time you put miles on it ;)

  • That's because I have other forms of transportation

  • ...

  • Car van push-bike legs

  • Well this got personal real quick

  • James just jealous I use my grom as a daily when he's stuck in a van in traffic

  • I doubt that John with the amount of money James must be on judging my how sick his grom is

  • ?? He's in a van I'm on my Grom.. I don't get what your saying :/

  • I meant I doubt James cares

  • Really jealous when it's pissing down with rain and freezing cold

    I am sat with my heated seats heater and DAB radio and travel the opposite way to the traffic at the times of day I works

    A lot more protection from old granny drivers in a van to John Kinchella

  • It's all banter isn't it John

  • That red bike in the back love it

  • It's a fucking brawl!!!

  • Nice bultaco sitting there!

  • It's awesome.

  • What cc 50

  • Probably not. They built motocross and Enduro bikes in the 70s. That kind of looks like it might be a trials bike? Probably a 125 or 250. They're 2T.

  • It wasn't raining...

  • Certainly is Royal James

  • Luke Wilson

  • Fucking van drivers.... The aids of the universe

  • Luke Wilson true

  • I never use the bike for work no point if you can use a nice hire van and work pay the fuel only down side is sometimes it's not a nice hire van it's a bag of shite

  • James Tinson so it's 50/50 for whether it's a nice van and the other thing is fuel cost.... It's a Grom

  • Would you ride a £12,000 Grom in all conditions

  • James Tinson yes

  • Not a fucking chance would you

  • James Tinson give it to me I'll show you

  • 1st I wouldn't spend that much on a 125

  • Anyone could do it to someone else bike you earn the cash and do it to your own

  • James yay I'm not the only push bike cunt

  • John Kinchella your area must have a low crime rate, can't see one bike with a steering lock on

  • Nothing wrong with a push bike Harry