• Jonathan Shields shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Lock the steering both ways! Can anyone else do this? I know Jack Dempsey Osborne can't :P


    • So strange you buy it brand new? Only time I have seen this is when peoples attempt to nick bikes and break the steering lock then the previous owner attaches a aftermarket steering lock

    • It was brand new as when I got it it has 3 miles on the clock. Tudor Toma Oh and I can see why you think I'm high or something now looking back at it "Mucky Pup" :L Aaron Mortimer But I need someone else to confirm this, so people don't think this is fake! Please anyone!! :P

    • Mine doesn't do it

    • Okay, who has a White 2014 (Gold Wheels) MSX?

    • I do I will try that tomorrow

    • Just tried it. Nope, doesn't work for me.

      You can feel it almost gets there, but not enough to engage.

    • Looks like yours is the only one Jonathan Peter Shields lol

    • RIGHT! I'm calling Honda about this! :P Who here thinks I faked it though? I'm curious...

    • i tried it and nearly snapped my key :(

    • Sorry :(