Joseph Wood shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

Im sure this was asked the other week but what tail tidy will this exhaust set up fit with?

Cheers all

  • would love to hear this twin exhausts! Tyga will fit, the indicators will sit above the exhaust perfectly, out of interest how is the left hand side can held up?

  • I believe that its held up the same as on the right? Who knows might need a little tinkering to get it to fit perfectly

  • Joseph Wood just read"Please note this system does require some slight modification to the bikes undertray to allow for the silencer fixing kit to be mounted. Full instructions are included with each purchase and our technical team are always on hand to advise. "

  • I got that system I love it

  • Andy Paul Miles is it pretty easy to install?

  • Very easy mate 15 min job

  • Andy Paul Miles what was the "slight modification" thing that you had to do?

  • Drill two holes and cut back a bit of trim

  • Andy Paul Miles do you think the R&G tail tidy will fit with it? Are you running the stock tail on yours? Cheers

  • Mines stock not sure but would love to know