Jus spent past 4 hours tryin to get the axle out of my barn fresh 85 bike has...

Jus spent past 4 hours tryin to get the axle out of my barn fresh 85, bike has very few hours on it, and has never had anything replaced, finally got axle nuts off, wth the help of 2 3ft pipe wrenchs, and now to the rotor hub, tried torch, sili kriol{penetrateding oil}, multiple hammers, air hammer,....ugh.. guess ill let it soak n try tommarrow...

  • Yeah def didnt get it that hot, n i was usein propane, ill get the acyetaline n turbo tip on it

  • tighten then loosen

  • Yeah they are nice, but pricey, not tryin to spend 350-400 on an axle if i can reuse this one, hopefuly splines are ok and can be cleaned up...

  • I sure hope yours comes apart better than my 85 R did, I had to cut and grind stuff apart, and then drive the carrier,axle and brake hub at least what was left of it, all out as one.

  • It was a mess but there was no other way. I am going with all lonestar and durablue stuff.

  • Yeah finally got it, lots more heat, patience, and an air hammer... after destroying the castle nut, but thats an easy fix

  • This cheap lil harbor frieght air hammer has go me out of more jams then i would of ever thought, i bought it thinkin id never use it, now its used more than any othr air tool i got... def lifesaver

  • Yeah that was my last resort ahren, i was really avoiding that, but it does work, but new carrier and axle arent in my budget... i hve ducati that needs some love too, and i really want to get it done by spring, complete clutch, tires, chain and sprockets... plus i jus bought a new foreman 500 4x4 n the stock tires have to go..so thats another 400-500 there...so my plates pretty full...lol...i need another income to support my toy addiction

  • don't we all haha good to see it came apart!