Just a heads up warning I bought a compression tester from Harbor Freight and...

Just a heads up warning. I bought a compression tester from Harbor Freight and was getting a 90psi reading on both cylinders. I rented a gauge from Auto Zone and I'm getting 155psi on both cylinders. Don't trust cheap tools.

  • That actually was the third one. The first Harbor Freight Gauge wouldn't register any pressure. That should have tipped me off right there.

  • Thanx aint gonna mess with that crap

  • I had the same issue, so I bought the motion pro set.

  • 155 is no good adjust those valves

  • 180 please

  • Valves are adjusted. That's a cold reading.

  • so it is 180 warm?

  • Don't know yet. Waiting on carbs. I will let you know. It should be better warm than cold.

  • Haror Freight sells Chinese JUNK ! Dont buy any eletrical tools I had 4 die grinders that lasted only 1-2 weeks (approx 4 hrs each) before they took a crap ! Their non power hand tools, spray guns are OK - but compressors and electrcis are crap! I def wouldnt trust their compression gauge ! If you do buy any electric tools make sure you buy the warranty and be prepared to go back often with returns !

  • I think I know what's wrong with the compression tester. There is no Oring in the coupler where the hose connects to the gauge. It's all sloppy.

  • That will do it.sloppy!!