Just a quick question dose any body know if the AC lighting wiring on the grom...

Just a quick question, dose any body know,if the AC lighting wiring on the grom is full wave or half wave AC

  • Someone on the USA forum gave a long explanation of this and it was half wave

  • cheers Aaron, did they say that it can be changed to full wave, i know you are saying Why, i want to run a relay to run a hid but the voltage drops when you 1st open the throttle and the relay kicks out, full wave would stop this happening, i think

  • Well beyond my comprehension mate sorry. Would it not be easier to just put a cheap handlebar switch on for that? Gives you the option to turn the lights off as well as you'll be draining a battery a bit running the headlight off the DC circuit all the time.

  • Funny you should say that, thats what i have done at the moment, works ok, also put in a relay wired to dc ign,so when i turn off, the relay disconnects the supply to the hid, its works quite well, but wanted to improve it, thanks for your time

  • went on Hondagrom site they have done the same thing

  • What the fuck you two talking about lol!!

  • alternator AC lighting output, half wave ,but want full wave,its the way AC current runs , forward and reverse, DC only runs 1 way,AC runs 2 ways, just to confuse you Ian Sawford Lol

  • Yea you done that! lol