Just a quick question to those in the know my headlight and taillight keep...


Just a quick question to those in the know....my headlight and taillight keep blowing, 1989 CDI 6Volt AG postie, and had found there's no bulbs in the speedo cluster. Would adding these bulbs reduce the extra voltage going to the head/tail light therefore stopping them blowing??? Battery charges fine, indicators and horn work perfect.....have read online the headlight system is split and the resistor sucks the extra wattage out of the system?? Just after advice, only thing stopping me getting a Rwc

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  • Yeah mate you need the other bulbs in as well or it will blow. I have an 89 as well for farm use with just heAd light on and run a 12v globe for that issue. Also you will find, you will blow bulbs at high rpm so if in take it easy you will be fine. Hope this helps

  • Thank you so much mate!!!

  • I think you are correct in your reasoning Justin

  • FFFAAAAARK!! No good

  • Still trying to read up on it. Electronics people use an LM317 variable voltage regulator. Has anyone had any experience with it?

  • Got a multimeter onto the regulator.....pretty sure it's shot. Couple of the plugs read 0

  • Aaaand found a wrecked 86 model with exactly the same regulator close to us....can I call

    You later this afternoon Patrick and just make sure I've tested the broken regulator correctly?!

  • yes that's fine. i have a new rectifier/reg for a quad bike that could be made to suit too. your multimeter must have a diode test setting like a triangle with a bar across the top

  • Patrick Davey really?? I'll call you this afternoon!!