Just a quick question what length of time would you all consider a decent test...

Just a quick question, what length of time would you all consider a decent test ride?? I would say at minimum a morning/afternoon?! To get a chance to ride all of the different type of roads?!

  • 20 minutes or so. I can't see a dealership letting you take their bike out for much longer.

  • Is that what you would call a decent test ride????

  • It's realistic and likely the only type of test ride you will get. Some places don't offer test rides at all.

  • There's a place near me that let me and my brother in law take a z1000 and a vstrom 650 out for the morning, I enquirer about taking out a new fireblade this morning and I got told 30mins! How can you tell whether the bike is the next one for you in 30mins blast down a bypass?!?! Get told that once Iv paid a deposit and cash paid/finance arranged that then I can take it for a longer test ride!!

  • Why would a dealer let people rack up miles on bikes dulling extended test rides? Doesn't make sense for them and people typically know if they want a bike. The test ride is just to confirm.

  • I would say 20 mins is reasonable. It's not like car dealerships who sell lots of vehicles. For example, my old colleague was given a merc A class for an entire day almost like a lone car that he returned the next morning. Although, I wouldn't complain if I could borrow a bike for that length of time!

  • I test ride the new Fireblade today in fact, 20-30 mins max. But it was pretty good

  • Would you have one? I just want to see what a 1000cc sports bike goes like. Iv ridden 1000ccs just not sports bikes.

  • I definitely would. It was very nice to ride. The model I rode had the quick shifter and auto blipper fitted and it was so smooth. Throttle was good (they have a setup that makes it feel like a cable and it really works). Didn't really ride it hard enough to make the electronics do anything aside from the anti wheelie which appeared to do its job well. It will work on the road and track I am sure. I want one, quite a lot...

  • Oh and if you are wondering what a 1000cc bike goes like. Try it. You won't regret it. This one weighs around the same as my 600 and feels like one to sit on too but has so much power. Yet it wasn't scary to hold the throttle open

  • Bro, if you wanna see what a bike is like for a ride to hire one.

    This isn't a hire agency, and a test ride isn't for you to decide what kind of bike to get.

    A test ride is to see if that particular bike is in ok condition, and to make sure it suits your body type. 15/20mins is more than adequate.

  • Most dealerships around me have floor models. They'll allow longer test rides. Took one out for 30 mins and they were shocked i came back so soon