• just adding my bobber project began it this weekend. lots more mods to come

    just adding my bobber project, began it this weekend. lots more mods to come.

    • hahahahaha @ that napoleon dynamite meme

    • This will explain the bronco build. Sorry to hyjack the post... Back to bikes!!

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    • totally cool buddy i enjoy talking about wrenching no matter the machine.

    • i've never heard of a bronco on a towncar chassis thats why i asked. sounds really intresting

    • cool work with that bronco i'll be following that build. your pretty good with that torch.

    • Thanks LOL I love custom fabrication and wanted a slammed 2x4 truck but have the viper so I figured bronco is even more trick. Its a big project man. I'm taking my time on it as a hobby. Got the bike to take a break on something else.. LOL

    • Yessir. Please follow. Got like 240 ppl following. Pretty cool

    • I've got some great ideas on the bike from this post. I can't sleep now Lolol maybe I'll take the rebel apart tomorrow!

    • lol best compliment i can get is to have my bike be someones inspiration. here to help if u need it buddy.

    • did you get a chance to snap a pic of the seat bracket?