• Just bought this 190cc motor. all msx underneath. sex huh

    Just bought this 190cc motor .. all msx underneath ... sex huh.

    • I bet it's not fuel injected either

    • Called motrac these they make a few nice bikes with different bodywork, cafe racer, scrambler etc.

    • Where can I get one from....

    • That engine doesn't look like the 190

    • Are they all automatic gearbox?

    • mines been swapped from 50 to the 190 .. ..... pic is of it with 50 in

    • No. There's a gear shift lever?

    • Search motrac or brapp urban on youtube for videos, also branded as skyteam and ycf also.

    • And this is why I can't get my hands on a 125 in the UK ;)

      But I never had the 'smarts' to buy the cheap cheap cheap 50cc and ramp it up. Damn my imagination.

    • Stalion 150 hahaha

    • Oh what one you go for

    • I sat on the one at mini bike craze and it's sooooo comfortable. Really nice in the flesh


    • it's EFI

    • Rory Fontana really that's the first EFI copy I've seen

    • there is a dealer in the usa in florida, i was on a ride this past weekend and a guy had one of the pipes from one of these on his GROM

    • this pipe....