Just bout a 2011 postie bike runs well but i feel like it needs more oomf wat...

Just bout a 2011 postie bike runs well but i feel like it needs more oomf wat have u guys done to make go bit better??

  • Aftermarket CDI unit. But seriously it depends how much you want to spend and how fast you want to go. Sometimes I scratch my head at how much money people throw at these things, when they could just sell it and buy a 250.

  • Just like a small cheap mod max $100

  • Wher do we get them cdi units from?

  • The cheap CDI units generally remove the Rev limiter and do have a slightly more aggressive ignition curve. But if it's other wise stock, not much point

  • So will feel a difference if change front sprocket?

  • Buy a 250 and be like everyone else in life??? I'd rather have a faster postie then a lemming 250/300 LAMS bike.

  • Ebay

  • You need the power there to pull it. I put a 16t on but I also had the pipe, filter and jetting so it pulled the bigger gearing. I wanted to go faster so I modified the cases to fit the 17t sprocket

  • Wat top speed does yours do

  • Don't get me wrong I love my postie and it's a lot of fun. But I rode a yamaha Scorpio 225 recently and it makes a lot of sense. Cheap, chuckable, light, and fast.

  • Have been 105km/h on the highway and still had more in it.

  • But a postie is a postie.

  • Does the yamaha Scorpio come with a free skirt?

  • Yeah coz a postie is such a "mans" bike.

  • The stock scorpio aint my cup of tea, though there is some nice looking modified one by Deus Ex Machina.

    I'd rather cruise around on my postie, surprising people riding their "mans" bike as to how well the postie goes

  • You could do a 16 tooth front and #80 main jet for about 40 bucks.

    Would make a difference.

  • Wats the #80 main jet mean

  • It goes in the carby.

    Just lets a bit more fuel in on full throttle.

  • Put a 155z in it

  • Chris Boncoeur

  • What size jets are you running Graeme Marshall

  • I've got a #85 main and a #40 pilot

  • Cheer