Just curious but for those of you who ride into work every day how bad would...


Just curious but for those of you who ride into work every day, how bad would the weather have to be before you didn't ride your bike in? My husband wouldn't let me ride in today because he thought it was too dangerous but not riding is a pain because I have to worry about where to park at work

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  • Ride all year round in all weather as I can't drive. Went to work in the snow on Sunday. Public transport is not an option as it would be at least a 2 hour trip each way and almost impossible on a Sunday. I work from 7am to 7am and don't have time. I'd rather take my time on my bike and I've always got the option of my CRF if it gets too bad.

  • That should have said "7am to 7pm". Although it feels like 2 hrs sometimes!

  • only weather i don't ride in is snow

  • All weathers! just ride to your ability and respect the conditions and make sure your bike is adequately set-up too with correct tyres and pressure , learn to ride in different condition by watching some on-line videos by the experts, Youtube is a treasure trove of advice.

  • All but never in snow.

  • Thanks everyone. Its frosty again today but I'm going to give it a go and just go slowly. The limit on my way to work is 30mph in most places so I'll be fine and like a lot of you its so much hassle not taking the bike.

  • Do not ride in snow, Jesus christ, your bike does not have the right tyres, cars do not have the right tyres, the roads are really slippery, your braking distance is non existent.

  • Paul Briden. I never suggested I would ride in snow - I'm not that dopey. It was frosty this morning and I rode into work

  • Some on here are, great stuff, stay safe !!!

  • Does the honda forza gave a usb plug and has any of u tryed the heated grips cheers

  • No it doesn't, just the 12v socket in the glove box. I've the Oxford heated grips, not the Honda ones.

  • Are the any good and easy to fit m8

  • I have the genuine Honda ones and they are superb,

  • Also the grips are the same size as standard.

  • Cheers paul are there hard to fit

  • I did not fit them, they came with the bike, sorry.

  • No bother m8 are there a extra when u buy the bike

  • No matter how bad the weather ill ride to work

  • Yep