Just curious does anybody with a newer shadow 750 regularly ride 2 up on the...


Just curious, does anybody with a newer shadow 750 regularly ride 2 up on the interstate? I've been told they're not a 2 up bike but I want to hear what others say.

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  • My VT1100 is a 4 speed and it whines like a crazy bitch on her period at 70 mph.

    A guy used to work with and his daughter rode from Mitchegan to Kentucky and back last summer and her 750 with either a 5 or 6 speed kept up with his Gold Wing just fine he said

  • I have a 2011 Aero and I take my wife for cruises on the interstate. No problems.

  • Take my 2002 750 on highway up to 75 or 80 plenty times

  • My 09' vt750c2 does fine with plenty of power at 70 mph

  • My 03 vt 750 runs fine at 70 75 Iv been all over the state with it

  • 08 750 c2 70-80 mph two up no worries. We are both a little 'chunkie'. Adjust the dampening on the rear shocks and off we go.

  • Had my 750 loaded with gear and my heavy ass holding around 100mph for longer than I'd like to admit. The 750cc can take it. Honestly I'd be worried about the suspension giving with 2 up loaded, before the motor.

  • My wife and I travel interstate on our 750s all the time highways are a breeze at 80mph..mines a 98 hers is a 05

  • Thanks for the input. Do they have self adjusting valves?

  • There you go