Just dropped my bike off at Dream Machine paint works and they have the photos...

Just dropped my bike off at Dream Machine paint works and they have the photos of when they had it in to do the"Smokin Joe's" paint job it came with when I bought it. Four weeks without my baby

  • that's not going to be cheap, post up pictures when it's done mike.

  • This is what they did originally.

  • a friend of mine has one in he same colours.... (y)

  • With lots of DM's work flakeing off...was done in '99 tho. They painted a helmet for me once...It was shite I sent it back to be done again...

  • I visited Dream Machine in Long Eaton many years ago, the quality of their work is the best I have ever seen.

  • Seriously Richard ? You need to visit a few more then & compare. DM are probably the best known in the industry & possibly the biggest in terms of jobs done BUT biggest doesn't neccessarily mean best...Many moons ago in a previous life I worked in a bike dealers, DM did all the paint work, it was delivered back to us by a bloke in a van with all the panles wrapped up, many a time I unwrapped them to find defects in the paint from the wrapping...As I said I sent them a lid & the results wern't good at all so it got sent back...that came back with bettre painting but different coulours...If you want better try Sudden Impact.

  • I looked at DM in 2000 & in fairness I'd never been to a paint specialist showroom before, so my experience is very limited. But the pieces I saw were very good to the untrained/inexperienced eye & it left a lasting impression. Perhaps I should've mentioned this in my original comment :-S