Just found this old ePay listing


Just found this old ePay listing....

Listed at $500 in 2015. Wonder who scored that!!

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  • That's a $150 bike in my neck of the woods. Maybe $300 with a clean and clear title.

  • It's a KO though?

  • It wouldn't matter in this area, unless a serious collector got wind of it.

  • where do you live GB Ballinger?

  • Central Illinois.

  • Old Honda's of all sizes/types go cheap around here. I usually give 50 cents per CC of engine size for any bike that doesn't run. More if it has a title and potential. My last 1984 XL350R I gave $550 for because it was so original and nice. 8000 original miles. I've now got $1034 in it and it's as nice as it can be without being restored. I'm currently looking at a 1984 XL250R that has 3000 original miles, but I'm still waiting for him to drop his price a little.

  • That would be KO gold in tasmania

  • Hell yeah.

  • You blokes get it far too good over there!

  • I told you there is room in the 450barn for you, you could stay in the 500t wing or the presidential K1 room.