Just giving a heads up to the brothers and sisters in Odessa Texas What a tool...

Just giving a heads up to the brothers and sisters in Odessa Texas. What a tool this one is.

  • I almost made it through the day without any stupidity... Until now

  • He needs lots of prayers forsure

  • Please stop reposting this. He's been dealt with and is probably scared for his life.

  • Sounds like his mouth wrote a check his a$$ couldn't cash!

  • I couldn't find anything on how it was dealt with. This was shared to me by my family which most of us ride.

  • Most of my family and friends ride. Not toys either and not just on the weekends. I got friends with bikes as big as compact cars. Watching out for bikes does not mean give us the right of way like he says. We are not asking for that. Just to look for smaller vehicles bike or car. He's not the only one that thinks this way about bikes but he is the one that was dumb enough to post it. Hope this gives an insight to others like him to pay attention. If i was stereo typing it sounds like he's the type always late for work always in a hurry not paying attention to nothing but getting where he's going. Watching out for bikes is just not in his agenda so it pissed him off. Not Damming the man but he put his self out there with his views i didn't . Families will protect their families.

  • That's seriously old. Dude is long tucked tailed and run

  • Yes Sir that Has been brought to my attention but it was just posted on my page today. Gives no date on when original post started or why. Still touches a nerve if you've never heard it before.

  • Absolutely it does strike a nerve

  • True,Fake, hear say. Doesn't matter. That sort of post shouldn't be a problem to be thinking about when riding. There are people out there that think this way. Sad they don't want to learn why we ride just dam us for it.

  • This is like the 5th time I've seen it.

  • Why can't FB rub it out then? This was posted today to my page and others I know.

  • I have a family too. I don't have big buckets of money falling out my ass so I ride to and from work to save money on gas, maintenance and insurance. If idiots in cars would follow basic traffic laws we wouldn't have any problems.

  • I agree.

  • I'd love to hear his thoughts when a few of us "sissies" showed up on his doorstep.

  • This guy needs a serious reality check...

  • Azzwipe

  • Epic douchebaggery...