Just got my 82 xl500r going after sitting for 20 years Was wondering if anyone...


Just got my 82 xl500r going after sitting for 20 years. Was wondering if anyone had a headlight and a rear fender for it by any chance?

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  • A lot of parts now for bikes over 25years parts are discontinued

  • Yeah I understand that my car is over 30 years old as well so I know all about part availability it's just the lack of info

  • Is she a runner?

  • Yes she is got it running a week ago extremely well too, typical oil leak at the rocker shafts only thin causing issues is the brake light and headlight keep randomly stop working and then I fix it and it goes out again

  • Ah common fault with these it's the O-ring that are worn good it runs great bikes

  • Maybe bad earth for lights

  • Yeah that's what I think too, when I get some time I'm going to require the whole thing to the bare essentials

  • Got these

  • I used an XL600 headlight and fairing on mine....used the original 82 XL500 headlight/instrument mount.

  • Also using an XL185 rear fender and plate holder on another XL500 project.....original rear fenders are tough to find and pricey

  • The headlight is powered direct from the generator, mine kept blowing bulbs because it was kicking out to much unregulated power, I fitted something that I cannot remember the name of in the wire to the bulb that acted like an electric fire to drop the voltage to the head light, sorry I cannot remember its name my mind doesn,t work to well these days LOL.

  • You can use an '82-'84 XR fender too (with modifications)

  • I got one gor a xl500s 81 model just the light no mounts and you can have it but im in south africa thou lol

  • Just the headlighr