Just got this air cleaner in the mail Anybody got it on their bikes Any tips...

Just got this air cleaner in the mail. Anybody got it on their bikes? Any tips to install it? I know I'll need to build an adapter for sure.

Stage 3 jet kit on the way too.

  • Lol well take your air cleaner off and you'll know for sure

  • .

  • I haven't even gotten around to figuring out how to get to all that lol.

  • Lol use a hammer.

    I havnt taken mine off either. Probably a few screws.

  • Buddy of mine said it should be just a certain way to push then pull up. Hell idk, my Harley seat just popped up with a good slap, then two bolts for the tank. One at the far front, one at the rear on the top rail.

  • Hey that makes sense too. I'll take photos when I get into it.

    It may be a month or so until then though.

  • Used to have one of those sitting on top of my 327 small block chevy

  • A backfire through the carb can melt the foam filter. Be carefull lots of money for that.

  • $30 on Amazon.

    These bikes don't backfire do they? They just run like gold.

    Maybe a plate to block the filter directly in front of the intake is in order?

  • When you start running lean they do.

  • Hopefully Not. I got the stage 3 jet kit for it too.

  • It will be great...until it rains....you like water injection?

  • Lol well crap . I hope not. I'll take it off when it rains then.

  • and your riding on a nice day and then it rains unexpectedly, and now you get to 1. stop riding until the rain stops and the road dries, or 2. limp your ass home because your bike just ingested a bunch or water and dirt and now you get to spend the next sunny day taking your carbs off and cleaning them....cool is cool, but sometimes it just isn't worth the cost.

  • Well I am looking for more top end out of the bike myself.

    The article does warn of wet weather too. Heck. Harley sells a stock bike with an air filter like this and a sock to cover it for rain lol.

    This, luckily, isn't my only form of transport. The big touring bike can keep it's stock intake and I'll take it on big trips.

  • When you have a foam air filter, this is what happens in the rain.....the suction of the carb and the forward movement of the bike into the rain fills the foam with water until it is waterlogged. It is now very heavy. The foam sags from the weight and now water and dirt get to bypass the filter and go straight into the carb. Result being is a ruined trip, bad language, spiking periods of high blood pressure, wasting your phone load on calling road service and then wasting the next good day you have cleaning what you shouldn't have had to clean. All because a stupid piece of foam rubber got wet...Happy Days!

  • Well hell yeah, I'm starting smell rich right now lol. Well I'm figuring that seat thing out a little sooner than expected, lol.

  • Go for it, follow your dreams

  • Who keeps riding in a down pour anyway

  • nice filter but can't use if it rains.

  • Smh

  • Lol I'm excited about the filter too, but I'm not sure installing it qualifies as a dream following. Truthfully, if I decide to tour this bike, I'll just sew up a little rain sock like Harley has.

    Job done!

  • Right, I wouldn't worry about the neigh sayers

  • The same one in my 88 Olds