Just got this letter after work about a recall I ve had 2 fuel pump related...

Just got this letter after work about a recall, I've had 2 fuel pump related recalls carried out already, does anybody know of another? Also it says SH125 but top of letter has msx and my reg and vin. Confused.com

  • Just checked my paperwork from the 2nd recall and it is the same - fuel pump inlet cover swelling, not sure if 2nd recall not recorded or not working?

  • I had my recall letter the same day as a Ford recall letter came what is it with these manufacturers it's what happens when you use cheap parts & materials

  • Mine says sh 125 on their systems too

  • Sh125 and msx use the same pumps, its caused due to the o-ring swelling.. chances are the dealership might not have made a warranty claim therefore you will keep getting sent reminder letters, ask your local dealership to do a VIN check for any outstanding campaigns

  • This is a growing issue in the automotive field. Manufacturers are using lower and lower quality materials to cut productions costs. I see 2 year old cars that the underside looks like 15 year old cars.

    So far my Grom has been lucky and dodged all the recalls so far. 16,436miles currently without any issues.

  • I work for chiswick honda motorcycle service and have never seen a recall of any sort carried out twice......

  • Don't think my one ever had one

  • I've got one today aswell

  • And me!!! I've got the same letter here!

  • I think this is true, I haven't done the second recall yet and also got a letter yesterday

  • I got one yesterday but I don't have that bike anymore as it's been stolen

  • I had mine done a few months ago