just had another illegal test ride on my magna i gave the bike full...

just had another illegal test ride on my magna ;)... i gave the bike full servicecheck: replaced all fluids cleaned carbs etc. first ride with the clean carbs, runs way better, but still clutch problem.

clutch feels good with engine cold and not running, but with engine running i lose pressure in my clutch line.... i replaced the fluid and bled the line by hand... could be slave cilinder problem maybe?....

when i get my licence i'll ride to my friends shop and have another bleeding with a vacuum bleeder :) hope that wil work, or else probably no option than to take the slave apart??

  • Are you losing fluid? Check the master cylinder. Sometimes leaks occur in the slave that aren't obvious because of its location

  • My bike did the same thing. Have the cylinder rebuilt. There are seals in there that go bad. After my repair. The bike runs great

  • @ chad the slave or the master cylinder?

  • The slave

  • You don't need a license, until they stop ya....

  • Funny story, John Malm, my son got busted in Switzerland for riding his moped without a license. Once he got his license, he had to give it up for 6 months! Oops!

  • slave cylinder is on the engine so it gets warm as the engine does