Just had my airbox open the PAIR valve hole has been sealed shut Is there any...

Just had my airbox open, the PAIR valve hole has been sealed shut. Is there any reason for this?

  • It's an attempt to get more power. It's black though, never gonna happen. ;)

  • Is the rest of the PAIR bit's there ? If it's been removed thats why the hole is is blocked.

  • Isn't it alright to remove the pair system? Dos it do any good?

  • That was a bit weird just read this post and saw Michaela Kemp liked it,wtf thinks I

  • I removed the pairs system on my bike, and yes blocking one of the holes is part of the process, it makes a big difference imho, the pairs system was introduced to keep the emission low, but it robs the bike of 3 to 4bhp, that's why the early model bikes have more power than the later models. hence you remove the pairs system, not so good for the environment but hey ho....lol

  • a vtr i had apart last week had the pair system but it was blanked off from the factory it looks, doesnt look like it was done by someone else, didnt have the reed valves either not blanking plates

  • I haven't looked at the heads, all the system is there but the hole on rhs of airbox where rear pipe connects has been filled with silicon rubber.

  • you can fit the early model cam covers, to make it look more factory

  • I thought it was only US bikes that had the pair system fitted? Corect me if I am wrong

  • That later model have it too Stephen.

  • Get rid off it... less parts.. less weight. .. go faster.