Just in case you couldn t see the attachment in my previous post


Just in case you couldn't see the attachment in my previous post...

So... We've Grommed the Gorge...!!! and after the complements and requests for a re-run... Which I thank you for... I feel it would be nice to keep it as an annual event... So I'll plan it for next year but not on Fathers Day as some of you Nutter Bastards have a Father after all...!!! So... how about this little Grom route to visit most of our local biker haunts in one day... which includes... Newlands Corner... Box Hill... Bury Hill... Portsdown Hill and Loomies... What do you Nutters think...??? I haven't planned any fuel stops in yet but will do if positive feedback is received for this event. Also I would need to know if any Monkey Bikes will be attending... as their fuel stops are more frequent. The roads will be similar to Grom the Gorge (off the main roads as much as possible...) but the route will be circular so we end up back at our starting point so ALL GROMS complete ALL of the route this time...!!! (Or you can meet us at one of the stops) ALL YOUR FEEDBACK WILL BE APPRECIATED... This is a preliminary route to get an idea of time and mileage which you can see at the bottom of the map. All stops have food available. Suggest we stop 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour at each destination... SUGGESTED DATE FOR THIS GROM MEGA TOUR IS SUNDAY 23 AUGUST 2015... FEEDBACK PLEASE...

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  • Ah okay. Yeah at first i was skeptical about the battery and the charger because i think i heard about other peoples bike died because of it.

  • Me too Harry

  • Where abouts do you live Leighton Billing

  • Do it all... You won't regret it...!!!

  • Fareham :)

  • Okay I'm in Southampton could meet up at somewhere first and ride up

  • Yeah, sure! But this route isnt set just yet, still in the planning stages

  • Will create event when route confirmed... and post...

  • Sounds good! Will be looking forward to it! :)

  • Mark there is a long parking place on the front of my drive. Would be awesome to see a lot of groms parked there!