Just installed the twin headlights from Ebay

Just installed the twin headlights from Ebay.

  • Nice! I put them on mine a while ago. They are awesome! Brighter then the stock.

  • I put mine as high up as they could go.

  • Dont suppose youve got a link have you mate?

  • Love it!

  • I can't find the link, but I got them on Amazon. Just search for "4" Black Dominator Motorcycle Headlight Dual Streetfighter Cafe Racer w/ Mount"

  • Love the look! Been thinking about doing 2 led cubes but this keeps the retro look

  • Led cubes aren't dot approved, therefore not street legal for daily use.

  • Very ruckus looking. Love it

  • I don't mind that lol

  • Blinding the people in front of you isn't a good hobby, nor does it make you look good

  • Floods don't blind....spots do. But anyhow, at least they'd actually see me!

  • Sorry all I had to show it off at bike night tonight. Just got home. They are better than stock. Would like to find a LED replacement bulbs

  • Very cool

  • Frog lights

  • Have found them on e-bay, just looking at the mounts and wondered about the quality? they look a bit flimsy, what do you think Heath Reese ?

  • I don't think they were that bad. I thought the same thing when I was putting them on but everything tightened up and feels solid.

  • Not as bright as I was hoping for but better than stock.

  • Thanks for the reply, may give them a try, maybe LED bulbs would help?

  • I got to find ones that fit into the light housing. Some of the ones on ebay have a big heat sink on the back and I'm not sure if they will fit.

  • Thats good too know, if you find any that may fit could you let me know.