just out of curiousity Im wondering has anybody ever changed the rear drive on...


just out of curiousity, Im wondering, has anybody ever changed the rear drive on a shaft drive set up or know of a way to change the gear ratio or anything like that? Ive got an 02 1100 Aero, I run a car tire on the rear. Seems like ive lost some gear now..not quite a full gear, but my RPMs are about 3-400 higher at 70+ mph, Id like to raise my gear ratio up and get some more MPG and lower my RPM at highway speeds, just dont know if its possible with one of these. If it was chain drive,I know I could change sprockets, but not sure with shaft..

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  • This tire had about 500 miles on it when I put it on mine. It has approx 35 - 38k on it now, still has about 1/4 in tread on it.

  • And everyone can say what they want, if you run your hand under the floorboards on either side, you gonna need bandaids due to them being ground down..lol

  • Wife says it rides 10x better, stops 20x better, handles as good or better than an mc tire, no more all over the place with the asphalt grooves and snakes, and great grip in the rain! It actually saved me 4 or 5 times when ppl has pulled out on me, I have 4-5 in of rubber to grab the pavement vs 1-2 in with mc tire..and I'll run any curve just as hard or harder than anybody else...followed 3 crotch rockets thru the dragon, only time they pulled away was on straights, curves I was there with them, even on brakes a couple times

  • Does it air up tight with tube?

  • Yes sir.. it was a snug fit, had to soap it up real good but it went right on and aired right up

  • Took me about 50- 60 miles to get used to it, about 150-200 before I was comfortable enough to start pushing it..after that, i hammer on it!

  • Sounds like something I should do for 750 spirit. Wondering what pressure you run on ?

  • This is a poor decision, anyone following this post should not consider it an option. He 100% cannot keep up with a crotch rocket on any turn or any straight, and cannot corner like any normal bike. People boast about their stuff all the time, but unless this bike is magical and floats, it's not keeping up with anything, on any curve. Let alone unsafe.

  • 40-42....42 is best

  • Keep on thinking that bud...I can't help it if you are to scared to get yours down low enough to scrape the pegs and pipes. and yea, it may not be for everybody, Ive had the same argument with several that's followed me or that I've passed and embarrassed thru the dragon...when we stop, they can't believe it either

  • I guess that was kind of a silly statement there.. everybody knows there ain't no shadow gonna run with a rocket on straight shots..and no shadow rider is gonna be dragging knees and elbows thru the curves either..lol. I was just expressing my experience with my bike. And true, most people are scared of a car tire..i don't blame them, I was too..until I put about 300 miles on it and learned it's capabilities. But I will say, I damn sure don't get in anybody elses way, and have been known to pass in the curves to get around somebody that's scared. As far as being safe..there's no way in this world that you or anyone else will ever convince me that it's unsafe. ..that tire has saved my ass from t-boning 4 or 5 cars, as well as more than I can count hitting In the ass. when you live in chattanooga tn, you need all the stopping power you can get! When you rolling up at 75 and traffic stops in 100 ft, I'll stop, and watch you slide on by .

  • but...back to my original post, If anyone knows of anybody that has changed final drive or gear ratio. .please let me know

  • Not to fight with anyone. I just hate trolls. If there is any truth stretching so be it. But that guy provided zero help and criticised everything.

  • A car tire ? What would be the reason for this? Does the tread push the bike at all to one side or another? Yeah and how about those corners ?

    Hey if it works for you , well on yeah

  • It's totally personal preference..myself.. I won't go back to a mc tire.

    Car tire $60-$100, depending on what brand you want.

    Stopping distance twice as good if not better. Rubber on the ground..with mine, I had 4-5 inches on the ground unless I was in a turn, then probably 2-3" vs 1-2" with a mc tire. No more tracking asphalt snakes/pavement grooves, etc. Tracks perfectly straight. Rides a whole lot better for me and the wife. I feel safer in the rain and wet roads..tread slings water, right? Do car tires not have more tread, therefore moves more water out, increasing rubber to road..meaning more traction? Curves? Well, that's a matter of opinion. Myself, i trust it more than the old mc tire, if the right size is on it, sidewalls won't give.. they might look like it but mine dont. I don't have any problem whatsoever catching gears, scraping pegs (oh, and my straightshots

  • They call guys that switched to car tires "going to the dark side" it can be done and works.. but not me thanks.