Just picked up a 1980 C70 Express missing some bits and I ve had a CT110 for...

Just picked up a 1980 C70 Express (missing some bits) and I've had a CT110 for a couple years. Hoping to figure out how to swap a bigger engine in one or both. I guess the C70 engine mounts are different so maybe that's not a prime candidate. I'd like to be able to hit some faster roads around Denver, Colorado. Freeway speed would be nice - 60 mph - the 110 pushes my 220 lbs. around at 40 mph easily enough, 50 is pushing it, and I once got up to 54 mph downhill and tucked in tight. I'd like to keep the low range on the 110 though, if possible.

Any resources would be greatly appreciated. I know very little currently.

  • Austin Volker

  • Here's my lifan 140cc 4 speed. I bought both kits from dr.atv online probably run u about $50 shipped to u. It comes with a carb, oil cooler and most things needed to assemble.

  • The kits will b $50 the motor just depends on what u decide. Check out eBay or mini bike craze online. Good luck w the pair

  • So the kit is $50, the motor's are around $200-$600, depending on what you get, yeah?

  • pretty much Nathan check out dr.atv eBay and mini bike craze. Dr.atv has the foot peg mount and engine adapter.

  • C70 engine mounts will bolt up a Lifan perfectly. Will have to widen foot pegs or buy wider pegs, as well as move exhaust forward or use an aftermarket exhaust. Also will need to convert from 6V to 12V, which is so worth it in the end and not that complicated. I've done the swap, and it'll run 55 mph w/ me at 6'2", 225lbs. You may think that you want to go fast, but once you ride a bike that small at anything over 45 mph you'll probably change your mind. Haha

    The 110 would be a more involved swap, although along the same principles as the C70 swap. I believe you will need an adapter to mount the engine, wider foot pegs, and the same 12V conversion. I'd personally leave the CT alone, as it isn't worth losing the dual range trans. The effort of the Lifan swap is totally worth the added performance on a C70.

  • Let's c a pic

  • dratv.com has wiring diagrams and some engine swap info. I also used the yahoo c70 and Honda clones groups for swap info and wiring diagrams.

  • I have a 140 lifan motor on the 67 Ct and it was pretty easy with the kits on dr.atv

  • My Lifan 125 manual clutch '81 Passport & wife's stock '81

  • My '79 CT90

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