Just picked up my 06 750 Is there a way to keep the lights turned off at all...


Just picked up my 06 750. Is there a way to keep the lights turned off at all times? Couldn't figure that out. Drained the battery already lol the bike had been sitting.

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  • Lights should go off when you turn the key off. If they don't you may have an issue

  • They do go off but I left the key on on position for a little bit. I was just wondering if there's a way to have them off even when the bike is on and riding.

  • Ohhh no not unless you customize it so. Headlight comes on automatically for 'safety reasons'

  • Right. Crap yeah I'm gonna have to figure that out, I'd rather not have it on at all times. Loud pipes are good enough lol

  • Thank you Seth!

  • Might check what laws are where you are. Some states you have to have your headlight on on a motorcycle while riding even in the day time.

  • Good point. Will look that up

  • my old triumph runs without the headlight on. I forgot to turn it on in Florida at bike week and was fined.

  • Didn't they give you a break telling them the bike doesn't automatically have them on? That sucks. Shawn

  • People don't see bikes with the headlight on. I wouldn't ride with headlight off. Think about your life and the amount of ppl that will pull into your path.

  • It is definitely easier to see about coming if the head light is on. That said I used to wire a switch into all my bikes so I could shut off the headlight and taillights individually.

  • I can turn of my lights whenever i want.

    I ride an 98 ace 750.

  • I have the OEM headlight on my 02 Shadow and I have to ride with my high beams on just to be noticed on the highway at night

  • Why would you want lights off? Just curious, I mean in my state I can legally ride with my high beam on until sunset strictly to make it safer. Plus if bike simply dies while running I'd be worried about a charging issue

  • Just an FYI for the group. I always run with my hi beam on. I just adjusted the light to point low enough that the high beam is not too bright so as to not"blind" oncoming drivers. Even pointed low it is still much brighter than the "low" beam.