Just put a HID headlight in So much better than stock I had to adjust the...

Just put a HID headlight in. So much better than stock! I had to adjust the headlight because it was aimed really low but pretty stoked with how bright it is

  • How do they work on your bike is it just the low beam or is it both, low and high beam?

  • Don't do this unless you get a projector headlight.

  • I just typed h4 motorbike HID in ebay and theres heaps. Just make sure it has a small ballast. Mine is a bit big and sits behind the headlight

  • And its high and low beam

  • How come?

  • What do you mean type h4 motorbike hid in eBay? I thought you said to use wish?

  • All it does is blind the ever living hell out of on coming traffic.

  • Ebay or Wish. Yoi will find them on either site


  • Thank you Ryan Strong

  • Did you buy the 8k or 10k?

  • I got the 6k. Anything higher is too purple/blue and doesn't light up the road very well

  • My girlfriend passed me the other night and she said it wasnt even bad

  • HIDs in halogen housings are always bad.

  • Does it look like i care

  • I don't care if you do or not, hahaha. I'm informing those who do not know that it blinds oncoming drivers. If you want to put your life on the line to 'look cool', that's fine with me. But some do not understand how HIDs work. My comments are to those. I could tell you didn't care as soon as you said 'how come'. Cheers mate.

  • I gotsha, makes sense