Just saw Moto X Thailand is now offering 14 wheels as plug and play Looks cool...


Just saw Moto X Thailand is now offering 14" wheels as plug and play. Looks cool, right?

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  • I think this one looks right tbh. If you lower it, you make it more likely for the wheels to hit something like the cylinder head or rear undertray.

  • mmmmm, maybeeeee. I'm only thinking about an inch or so. The front end needs to be stiffer any way. Or at least, that's what she said.

  • Should be possible to drop the rear, lord knows the Americans can't help themselves from doing so.

    The front will probably be impossible though or your headlight will be saying hello to your mudguard though, and then you're somewhere you don't want to be.

  • Liam Wykes

  • Not into it tbh, 12s are perfect for me

  • When I had my 14" wheels on, the front mudguard kept hitting the horn so I took it off

  • Are them wheels off a different bike Peter Taylor? Or custom made for the grom?

  • From pitbike

  • Probably going to have to relocate the horn but that's easy. Either to the air box hanging point or I already put mine under the top yoke.