Just saw someone on a gloss black OG grom booting if past traffic on Tonbridge...

Just saw someone on a gloss black OG grom booting if past traffic on Tonbridge high street. Tail tidy and pipe were looking very suave. Obligatory shout of grom and a thumbs up.

  • Cool story bro

  • lack of narrative really alienates the reader and there really weren't enough explosives or mythical beasts.

  • Next time, add some dragons

  • Black grom in Tonbridge? Haven't seen That one, but I'm yellow grom in Tonbridge.

  • ah i'm yellow sf grom in tonbridge most days in the morning and evening, (it's where i park for rail commute so its super close to where i live)

  • I thought you'd died samir

  • Not just yet.

  • Come our gromming with us one day man

  • Definitely, let me know when you're about.

  • Sunday's and Mondays buddy

  • Or after 6 you know what hell is like

  • I've got a yellow one and was in Tonbridge on Tuesday. Thought I saw a couple lads parked up near sainsburys on some groms a few weeks before actually...

  • Pob that could have very well been me if one was white and one was red

  • I was headed to the post sorting office and turned right at that mini roundabout. Newly turned back but thought it could have been two peds. Only seen two groms in twells but only go to Tonbridge to pick up parts I've missed in the post!

  • Buster Bradbury you don't work at Maidstone Honda do you?

  • I do indeed buddyb

  • Buster Bradbury cool, I've got a service soon so you might see my bike

  • What time you booked in??

  • Buster Bradbury not booked mate, got 150 miles before it's due but not sure when I'm going to squeeze it in with work and living in Wadhurst. Will let you know when it is!

  • Perfect will probably be booked im for me with any luck