Just seen this article in Fast Bikes mag and wondered what people s thoughts...


Just seen this article in "Fast Bikes" mag and wondered what people's thoughts were. I can't find a value for coil output voltage but thought the symptoms were interesting in terms of carb farts and missing a beat on tickover...

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  • My bike farted and stalled etc on stock plugs.... Still farts and coughs with iridium however it does start easier.

  • I've managed to completely dial out the carb farts by just giving the carbs a bit more fuel. 2000 miles now without a single cough, splutter or stall

  • Firestorms standard fitment was platinum plugs, not standard, and iridium is the replacement and listed standard fitment for the 'storm

  • How?

  • Turn both the fuel screws an 1/8th of a turn anti-clockwise until it's gone. You'll need a 90 degree carb screwdriver though, about £20 on eBay. Made by Sealey

  • Having carbs off next week for MCCTs anyway. Any idea how many turns out its meant to be?

  • It's easier to do it with the bike running. Turn them all the way in, gently, then come out until you hear the revs rise. Keep going until they start falling then put it half way between the two points. I'll be honest it was masses of trial and error but giving it a little more fuel definitely helped with the farts.

  • Where are you located, if it's near London I'm happy to try and help

  • Ely near Cambridge mate. I'll work it out. Cheers.

  • Are you on vtr1000.org? There's loads of people with these tools who are willing to help out

  • Yes bud loads of good stuff on there. Not posted though more of a lurker. Is it an active forum?

  • Deffo

  • I guess that's my question...ngk do list the iridium plug as fitment as the article suggests they might but it also states that if the engine is not designed to produce the higher HT required then it won't perform as it should..both platinum and iridium tips provide better longevity over copper electrodes but at the expense of conductivity and hence spark

  • I had platinums when i bought the bike,6mths riding and farts galore i serviced it and replaced plugs with iridiums,6 mths riding and farts galore,oh wait am i repeating myself? Thats because it made NO diff at all,i just enjoy the farts,and through my Remus grand prix's they scare the sh*t outa dogs,but hey at least people can hear me coming lol

  • SP1 come with them as standard

  • When NGK suggest an iridium replacement, it would have the same properties apart from the price. The only difference is that it takes longer for an iridium to degrade than carbon plugs

  • I had a Yamaha xt660x and it ran better!! On them. So bike by bike choice I'd say.

  • You need to adjust the carbs to stop the farts.

  • Or eat less cabbage!