Just sharing this pic from Harry Boettge on the Bomber Group

Just sharing this pic from Harry Boettge on the Bomber Group....

this is the 1966 German model bomber.

Front indicators are different?

  • Tyske. German.

  • Beginning of the end for everyone else.

  • Round tail light too - as shown in the CB450K0 parts manual

  • In Germany some law which made indicators mandatory on bikes was passed in 1962, so the Bombers built in '65 and later required indicators. Honda did not have planned for indicators on the US Bombers, and they had to add them somehow on the "Export" models for Germany. Honda came up with a dealer modification kit for Germany consisting of the indicators front/rear, different rear light holder (similar to the later model ones), a switch unit that fitted next to the throttle, the indicator cable kit and the switching relay.

    You can see them indicators "live" here: http://www.winni-scheibe.com/t a_marken/honda/klassik/cb450.h tm (German page, simply scroll down to the Bomber picture)

    These kits (and especially the indicators) are very rare and traded at prices similar to gold or other rare metals. :)

    Btw., these indicators were also used on the CB77 models.

  • My C72 from 1963 sold as new in the former DDR had them too!

  • Nice one, Jens! I like the blue!!

  • Sold in DDR! In 1963.

  • cool. learn something new every day