Just start doing this anyone no what up


Just start doing this anyone no what up

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  • Why say that

  • He is saying it because he wants a grom haha

  • Water in connection?

  • I never give it up

  • U fix it u will have do something els after u go onit Gav the same spend ££££! All the time

  • Hahah that fine with me

  • When it looks like this I don't care

  • That nice that is

  • Mine was staying on too, the cause was the switch that the hand brake depresses. The tab on the brake lever isn't pressing on the switch to turn off the light. You'll see it from under the lever by where the lever hinges. The end of the switch might be bent, I just rotated the switch(button) so it lined up again.

    Hope this helps.

  • Try to adjust the foot break switch ..... its down behind the right rearset