just starting a rebuild on a 900 thinking of doing the cbr600f2 wheel...

just starting a rebuild on a 900, thinking of doing the cbr600f2 wheel conversion, but cant decide if I should swap the swinging arm or leave it standard.i want to leave it twin shock. just wondering what is the best swinging arm to use for ease of fitment. don't want to butcher anything too much as I like to keep the option of putting things back to standard.

  • Yamaha exup , thunder ace , yzf750 upside down work well

  • 11F or 81-83 gs1100E swinger. btw I have a lovely braced 2 shock swinger for sale.

  • Two words and name JES BUILT Jim Sawtell. He's got a simple installation kit for the GSXR 600 swingarm. Wheel kits & More. Here's my GSXR swingarm conversion he helped me with.

  • Here's one with his rearsets install.

  • Like Terry said. I sell wheel kits to bolt in F2 front wheels, F2/F3/CBR900RR REAR wheels. All spacers and brake stay parts are included to install theses wheels in your stock arm and forks. I also sell complete kits to adapt a 98 or so GSXR600 swingarm and the wheel spacers needed. Pm me if interested? Peace Jim

  • What are you offering for 1100 f arm , spacers and brake stay for the 1100f , cbr 600 f 3 setup

  • Hugh I make kits to fit either an F2 or F3 rear wheel in the 1100F arms. The 1100 arm is narrower then the 750 and 900 arms. I can fit a CBR900RR wheel in those. Also my kits use a VF500F sprocket hub with the F3 wheel. Send me a message if you are interested in a kit. BTW is this the same Hugh Dunlop that I made a GSXR swingarm fit you new wheels?

  • I have just had my standard yolks bored out to take the F2 forks as they are 41mm. I am using a cb400 twinshock swingarm but i need to get or make some spacers as it's slightly narrower than standard and then i will used the cbr6 wheels and brakes

  • are the f2 forks upto the job or will they need to be uprated for the extra weight?

  • My standard forks are 37mm the f2's are 41mm so they are more than up to the job

  • just thinking about the springing and the damping, with the 900 being quite a bit heavier, mind you there's plenty that have done that conversion so I'm sure we wiil find out. which model cb400 arm are you going to use?

  • Do you provide a f3 calliper bracket, is it necessary to use the interceptor sprocket drive , if so do you provide that . I have an offset cbx front sprocket

  • Yes you should get stiffer springs or otherwise the forks will sit low. But the stock springs in every CB-F are weak to begin with.

  • I provide an F1 caliper bracket and you can either use the stock twin piston caliper or you can use an F1 caliper. With an F3 rear wheel in the 1100 swingarm, yes my kit must use the VF500 sprocket carrier. It is narrower then the F3 sprocket hub and allows the wheel to be centered in the frame. And yes I can supply that as well.

  • They still need stiffer springs Steve to sit proper.

  • Jim Sawtell what about the f 3 calliper ? That's what I have . Does your caliber stay need to be welded to the arm .

  • As i am doing this conversion as well Jim what springs would you recommend

  • John i am using the square alloy swingarm from a 400f

  • Go to Race Tech and they have a page that walks you through it. I use 1kg. Springs in my race bike's. It all depends on how much your bike weighs. (Have you put a lighter exhaust system on it? etc. etc) plus your weight and your riding style. In other words. One size doesn't fit all for optimum suspension. Sence you are buying them. You might as well get the best. Just my two cents.

  • No. It uses a custom made adjustable brake rod. It mounts to the stock brake rod mount. It uses the F2 / F3 / CBR900RR or any 220mm rear disc. If you have to run the F3 style hanger? That would be an extra. Personally I quit using them because the stop sticks up higher than the swingarm. It was ugly IMO. You can see most of what I make on my JES BUILT MOTORCYCLES Facebook page.

  • S*** Jim somebody must have put some really good Springs in my F2 front. She sits up nice and high and feels real good and firm in the corners of front. S*** I could have a pot of gold up there but that's what you get from eBay.