Just thought I would give it a try. nah I ll stick with the shadow

Just thought I would give it a try..... nah I'll stick with the shadow

  • Yeah I look like a elephant riding a tricycle

  • They are fun but not comfortable or a good idea for me i have a bad habit of finding out top speeds on sport bikes so far 176mph is my max 115 on my aero

  • I used to ride them I got a little over 150 80 on my aero LOL

  • Never owned a sport bike just rode my buddies bikes i dont trust myself to own one thats why i got my aero its a safer bet i wont be as dumb its kind of like the governor of my crazy

  • Doesn't look very comfortable.

  • Lollol whatever works man lol

  • I need just a little more power to keep up think I'm going to buy a fury

  • It wasn't not even a little bit

  • My neighbor has a sportster 1200 custom with some work and also a dyna switch back with a 103ci and some work i seem to leave them and the sport bikes suprised at me not falling behind atleast when we arent on the highway

  • Yeah the fury is a 1300 and cranking out almost 90 horses that will be sufficient for me

  • My first bike was a 88 Suzuki Katana I did enjoy that bike sold it after I got pulled over for no motorcycle endorsement on my license finally after 5 years I bought a 03 Yamaha r6 rode it twice and sold it to buy my 96 vlx600. I couldn't get comfortable on the r6 and having a kid I knew it was only a matter of time b4 I would have probably killed myself on it. I love my cruisers I can throw them into a corner and get right back out they may not be fast but a hell of a lot more comfortable