Just to get some views who would ride an electric bike if performance and cost...


Just to get some views..... who would ride an electric bike if performance and cost were equal to a conventionally powered bike?

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  • KTM do electric mx bikes and you can try them at a test track. Check KTM website

  • What's the point

  • I have mixed feelings. I certainly enjoy the TTX, just no where near enough entries. But for trials, enduro and motorcross lads wishing to get in some practice without upsetting the neighbours they are a godsend ? The low down pull of an electric engine must be awesome on a bike.

  • Being clear, I'm not talking about electric bikes now, too expensive and not enough range and power. The CBF has a pretty bland style of power delivery, excellent and useful but not any real character, so an electric motor would have no problems for me. It's the ride, I don't really care about the sound or the throb of the engine.

  • I wouldn't call my CBF 1000 bland if I held the throttle to the stop all the time ?

  • Not me. I'd give it a try, but I'd miss the sound

  • I wouldn't call them bland either Mrk 1 or 2 , think there a sexy lady , but each to there own

  • Definitely not bland if asked nicely

  • Bike not bland, engine not bland, but engines mono clock like power delivery would be similar to an electric motor; ride a Harley and you will see what I mean about bland engines..... just get you're fillings well glued in first.

  • Now now Colin stop this nonsense now about going on a Harley

  • Having had an electric car for the last two years (Nissan Leaf thats going back), until they fix the range / charge time its a definate no from me. Couldn't give one about the noise it does or doesn't make. Saying that I'd like to have a go just for the torque...

  • A Harley can be fun. Nowt like chasing some R1 rider around country lanes (& flying pass & leave them behind), when he clearly can't ride the thing. Embarrasses them! however, they don't last long when riding like tha. :)

  • Petal Hodge when Oz this year they tried to get me on one , no way

  • I;ve only ridden 1 Duke, A 1980 Ducati 900SS. Lovely ride

  • What a sound n was a good machine