Just took Arcee off on some trails there was a lot of bottoming out the forks...

Just took Arcee off on some trails. there was a lot of bottoming out the forks and one point where i actually had to wheelie over a log. but she and I both made it without me accidentally tearing out the exhaust of dropping her in the river. so overall success!

  • I bottom out forks a lot on back lanes, what can be done as a starter to stop that? Tougher compression or range?

  • stronger fork oil is the general one that people offer up. after that its look at replacing the forks. but i've seen varying degrees of success with people putting heavier fork oil in :)

  • Hopefully a few videos next time

  • Orla Reed hmm I'll have to have a look at that, I'm quite heavy forks have the strength of sponge

  • yeah i'm not the lightest lady in the world today when i was hitting roots and stuff it was like *clonk* oh hello that was the end of my travel. xD

  • Mostly the camera being hit by branches and me squeaking going "no no no not the river" hehe

  • Sounds like fun

  • Yeah I did that a lot today just down bumpy back lanes, I'll have to try it